Under Virginia law, you may have a right to clean up your criminal record – and remove an Arlington criminal charge from your permanent record. It depends on the circumstances of the charge. Some common scenarios where you may qualify for expungement of a criminal record in Arlington Circuit Court:

  • You were found not guilty
  • The charge was dismissed by the prosecutor
  • The charge was dismissed as part of a plea bargain
  • The charge was taken under advisement and dismissed

You can speak with an Arlington expungement lawyer to find out if you qualify. If you do, then your lawyer can help you file for expungement with the Arlington Circuit Court, and if successful, get the court and police records permanently removed from your record.

Why apply for expungement? By getting rid of a criminal charge now, you may be able to protect your reputation and improve your application for school, employment, or a national security clearance. It is fundamentally important to taken necessary steps now to clean up your record and seek expungement if you qualify – your honest mistake should not get in the away of applying for school or a new job. Contact an Arlington expungement lawyer for more information.