How Much Does It Cost to Expunge a Record?

How Much Does it Cost to File for Expungement?

When you decide to get a record expunged, it’s usually because you are applying for a job or school and you want to clean up your record in advance. You don’t want a charge to show up on a background check. But now, you’re wondering, how much does it cost to get a record expunged?

There are several costs associated with getting an expungement – and all of them are worth it, if it you are trying to get a record sealed so that it does not get in the way of a school application or new job. After all, you already went through the trouble of dealing with the charge in court, right? This is the last step to get the charge permanently removed from your record forever.

The total cost to expunge a record depends on the state where the charge occurred. But at least in Virginia, here’s how much it costs to get an expungement per charge:

Certified Copy – $2.00

Filing Fee – $50.00 to $120.00*

Sheriff’s Service Fee – $12.00

Fingerprint Cards – $5.00 to $20.00*

Legal Costs – Varies

*Depends on circuit court fee schedule and law enforcement department. Typically, the clerk’s office will charge a $86.00 filing fee and the police department will charge $10.00 for a fingerprint card

That’s it. You can get a charge expunged, at least in Virginia, after paying the above amounts.

In general, you will likely need to pay $2.00 to get a certified copy of the charge you want expunged; $86.00 to file the petition; $12.00 to serve the petition on the Commonwealth’s Attorney; $10.00 to obtain a fingerprint card; and, legal costs to your attorney to process the expungement.

At the end of the expungement process, your record is wiped clean. Is it worth it to remove a charge from your criminal record? For many people, it’s a worthwhile expense. You protect your reputation and remove the charge from your record before applying for work, school, or a security clearance.

For more information on applying for expungement, contact a Virginia expungement lawyer.