Expungement Checklist

Virginia Expungement Checklist

Before filing:

  • Get a certified copy of the charge to be expunged
  • Make four (4) photocopies of the certified charge
  • Complete an original petition for expungement
  • Make four (4) photocopies of the petition
  • Attached the copies of the certified charge to each copy of the petition
  • Prepare two (2) self-addressed, stamped envelopes

Filing with the court:

  • Go to the clerk’s office and file the petition and each copy
  • File an order of expungement with the original petition
  • Provide the two (2) self-addressed, stamped envelopes
  • Pay the filing fee and service fee by cash, certified check or money order

Obtaining fingerprint card:

  • Go to the police department and get a complete set of fingerprints
  • Give the police department two (2) copies of the petition
  • Pay the processing fee for the fingerprints

Check with court to determine if criminal record check has been filed:

  • Wait up to 30 days, then call the clerk’s office to confirm that the criminal record check has been returned by the Virginia State Police and filed

Schedule a hearing:

  • Call the clerk’s office and obtain available dates for a hearing
  • Call the Commonwealth’s Attorney to confirm availability
  • Call the clerk’s office and schedule a hearing
  • File a notice of  hearing and send a copy to the Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Appear on court date

Contact a Virginia Expungement Lawyer

Before you file a petition for expungement, contact a Virginia lawyer to find out if you qualify. A Virginia expungement lawyer can help process your petition and prepare for the hearing.