Do you need a charge expunged in Blacksburg, Virginia?

If you have been charged with a crime in Blacksburg, you may be eligible to have the charge expunged from your record.

You may be able to get a charge permanently wiped from your record if you were found not guilty or the charge was taken under advisement and dismissed. A lawyer can help present your case to the court.

In order to get started, contact a Blacksburg expungement lawyer to review your record. First, you and the firm will find out if you qualify for expungement relief.

Then, if you are eligible, you will follow the six-step process to get a charge expunged from your permanent record. A lawyer can help prepare a petition to file with the Montgomery County / Blacksburg Circuit Court to get the charge sealed and removed from your record.

Clean up your record now. When you get a charge expunged, it never shows up when you apply for a job or graduate school. Request a free consultation with a Blacksburg expungement lawyer to discuss your case.