Do you need a criminal charge expunged from your permanent record in Charlottesville, Virginia?

If you are applying for graduate school or a job, then it is imperative to clean up your record to make sure certain charges do not show up on a background check.

A Charlottesville expungement lawyer can review your case and determine if you qualify to have your record wiped clean.

How do you know if you qualify? Let’s say the charge is minor in possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana, reckless driving, or some other misdemeanor charge. You may qualify for expungement if the charge was taken under advisement and dismissed by the prosecutor.

Every case is different, and a lawyer in Charlottesville who handles expungement cases can review the record and let you know if you qualify. They can also help you with the six-step process to get a charge expunged.

Do not wait too long to clean up your criminal record for work or school. The entire process can taken weeks or months, depending on if the Charlottesville court will require a hearing before granting the order of expungement.

In order to get started, contact a Charlottesville expungement lawyer today for more information.