In Virginia, you have a right to obtain expungement of certain criminal charges and get them permanently removed from your record. Why apply for expungement? When a charge gets removed from your record, it will never show up on a background check. That protects your reputation and helps you apply for a job, school, or national security clearance.

If you need to get a Richmond criminal charge expunged from your record, the first step is to find out if you qualify. The law allows certain charges to be expunged and wiped clean fro your record:

  • You were found not guilty.
  • The charge was taken under advisement and dismissed.
  • The charge was dismissed by the prosecutor.
  • The charge was dismissed¬†as part of a plea bargain.
  • The charge was amended and dismissed.

Every case is different and depends on the specific facts in your case and the underlying proceeding. You should speak with an expungement lawyer who handles cases in Richmond, Virginia, for advice on how you get can get your charge expunged for a school or job application. Your lawyer will obtain the records for the charge, review if you qualify, and file the necessary paperwork with the court to request expungement.

If you need a Richmond criminal charge expunged, contact an expungement lawyer in Richmond, Virginia, to take the next step and protect your record. Do not wait. You may qualify for relief under Virginia law.