Do you need an expungement lawyer in Roanoke, Virginia?

If you have been wrongly accused of a crime, had your identity stolen, or had a charge otherwise dismissed by the court, then it is important to speak with a Roanoke expungement lawyer who can help clean up your record.

Why seek expungement of the court and police records related to the charge? By getting your record expunged, it is permanently sealed by the court, meaning that an employer cannot access it.

Protect yourself from a criminal background check. Get your record cleaned up so that when you apply for school or a job, the charge never shows up on the results. You have already had the charge dismissed by the court. Now is the time to make sure it gets removed from your record.

In order to apply for expungement of a criminal record, you will need to file a petition of expungement with the Roanoke City Circuit Court. An expungement lawyer in Roanoke, Virginia, can help you request expungement by filing a supporting brief stating why expungement should be granted. There are certain requirements set forth under Virginia law to support a request for expungement, and a lawyer can help.

Do you need to expunge a Roanoke criminal record?

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